Unemployment, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Wild Stock Market Ride, Oh My!


Recent and current news events are enough to make one hide his or her head in the sand and wait until everything passes over. It seems that many businesses have this same mindset.  However, viagra now is not the time to be frozen. It’s time to be excited and engaged for future opportunities. While budgets may be curtailed because of uncertainty, now is the perfect time to review how things can be improved – whether personally or professionally. When the recession first started and I thought news couldn’t get any worse, a client of ours said, “stop watching the news.” As a PR professional, that’s hard to do, but he had a great point. If everyone thinks the sky is falling-then it is.  A positive fallout from all of the bad economic news is how many new entrepreneurs have emerged. As they say, when one door closes, another opens or oftentimes, many more doors open. I can speak to this with authority as I opened J&A in 1990 in the middle of a recession. People said to me, “Are you nuts?” And yet others said, “I can’t believe you haven’t done this sooner!”

My point is to stay true to what works and explore new ground. For businesses, take a look at your marketing communications and evaluate what’s working and what’s not.  Are your value propositions clear and concise? Is your brand/product/service messaging getting to the right people? Are you convincing the media that you have a great story to tell? Are you maximizing your strategic partner relationships for joint marketing campaigns and/or events?

Challenging times like these are not about being the most creative, but more about getting back to basics and using tried and true methods that prove successful time and time again.

Happy marketing!

PJ Jennings

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