Old Fashioned Marketing – Not So Old Fashioned After All


In the marketing land of email, QR codes,online ads and the like, it’s refreshing to see some old fashioned, heartwarming advertising.  Advertising that stirs the senses and reminds you – ever so nicely – why you’d want to do business with the advertiser. Case in point is the 2011 holiday gift guide brochure from Crate & Barrel. The picture of the little boy enjoying his cup of hot cocoa just makes you stop what you’re doing and think about the special times of the Holidays not to mention the need to open up the gift guide! The picture says it all. Kudos to Crate & Barrel and its creative team for capturing the Holiday spirit in a human way – no obtrusive QR codes muddling up the pages of enticing products that we just can’t live without. The 15% discount coupon and free shipping certainly helps as well.

Just thought I’d express my appreciation for a marketing piece that is very well done and appeals to all.

Do you have a favorite holiday marketing item you’d like to share?

Happy Marketing and Best for the Holidays!

PJ Jennings

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