A Visit to the Modern Day Marine Show – Ooh-rah!







Having just returned from the Modern Day Marine Show in Quantico, cheap VA, online I am excited about all the energy efficiency and smart (the word alternative is not relevant any more) energy solutions that were on display.  From generators, ruggedized uninterruptible power supplies to solar and energy storage systems, the show was replete with energy efficient power systems. The Marines’ objective of reducing dependence on petroleum products through energy generation and energy distribution improvements was very clear during the expo.

One interesting demonstration was held by our client International Battery in conjunction with  HDT Global. On display was HDT’s innovative shelters (large tents) for Forward Operation Bases (FOBs). These shelters are pretty amazing. A large shelter equipped with communications, flat panel screens and environmental systems can be set up in just a few of hours.  As part of the demonstration, International Battery showed how its Lithium-ion batteries can provide power to vital communications and electronic systems equipped inside HDT’s Base-X® Model 303expeditionary shelter. The demo simulated how  just two of International Battery’s NPS 160 8 kilowatt-hour battery modules can capture 1600 watts of solar power within HDT’s Balance of Systems Unit (BOS) expeditionary power system.  This capability is very important as the remote locations of FOBs create significant challenges for logistics support of combat operations. These FOBs are dependent on long-distance deliveries of significant quantities of bulk fuel. Convoy routes through unsecured areas are frequently hazardous and transport is expensive. The delivered cost of fuel can easily total ten to a hundred times its original purchase price. FOBs can now advance their sustainability goals by incorporating energy efficient technologies such as solar, wind and energy storage systems. The NPS 160 enables storage of solar and/or wind energy in a package substantially lighter than a typical lead-acid battery solution. The Lithium-ion battery also has greater than five times the cycle life of lead-acid batteries. Pretty impressive.

I wish I had more time at the expo as there was a lot to see. I look forward to next year’s event and bet there will be even more clean energy systems on display.

PJ Jennings



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