Getting Organized in Marketing


Getting Organized in Marketing

With the new year upon us, it’s the perfect time to get organized in marketing. Dealing with the pressures and deadlines of creating and managing marketing campaigns, trade shows, publicity, social media and a myriad of other marketing activities, keeping marketing asset files and passwords in order can be especially daunting. For many companies, the person in charge of marketing ensures the files are organized in a logical manner and passwords are appropriately filed and secure. However, for many small companies, this organization is often in a silo. If the person in charge of marketing leaves the company, often no one else knows where the files are, and crucial log-in and password information are lost.

Image Library

Countless hours and expense go into photographing products, creating illustrations, CAD/CAM drawings, videos and the like. Can you get your hands on these files quickly? Are they categorized logically? Are the assets the latest versions? Can you get to the files quickly?

Social Media Log-ins

This is another area that is very problematic if usernames and passwords for various social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are not handled properly. There should be a redundant system in place so if the person managing your social channels leaves the company; there will be a way to access the log-on info. Take Facebook, for example, Facebook business pages require a personal profile linked to the business page in order to be the administrator. Do you know who your Facebook administrator is?

Password Vaults

Also, using a password vault is very helpful. This way a few people can have access to the passwords instead of them being hidden in someone’s office or not there at all! There are several Password Vault companies to check out including Dashlane, 1Password, and StickyPassword. Some of these offer business accounts that allow various levels of security based on manager-assigned job functions so that your company is protected in the event of personnel shifts.

Many of these questions and tips may seem like common sense, but we have seen too many businesses spend countless hours trying to track down this vital information after staff or organizational changes. The New Year is a great time to make sure all of your passwords and logins are accounted for!

I hope these observations are helpful…

Happy New Year!

PJ Jennings



Social Media and the Leaders of Government and Industry


Wow! Who would have envisioned that social media would have evolved
from kids chatting with each other to the titans of government and industry actively using social media to broadcast their messages? Why not? It’s a viable communications medium. In looking at this through the lens of B2B marketing, it further illustrates the importance of utilizing different communication channels to reach your audience. It also emphasizes how important it is for companies to be consistent and truthful in their online messaging and address comments and concerns promptly – whether positive or negative.

Posting on social media outlets helps to set the tone of the company, i.e., serious, fun, helpful, educational, technical, etc. Social media is a vehicle to talk about a company’s innovations, milestones, charity involvement and special staff recognition in a more human, personal way. In today’s marketing world, it’s all about content and getting folks to champion your product or service. There are opportunities that go beyond lead generation. It’s part sales – connecting in real-time with existing and potential customers; part advertising – imparting brand recognition, and part thought-leadership – creating industry discussions. Companies should not be scared of social media. Granted it’s a fast data stream, but if you sit on the river bank with your head in the sand, then your competition will pass you by, even if they have a less featured product or service than you do.

If you haven’t fully ventured into the B2B social media world, we’re happy to help.

Happy Marketing!

PJ Jennings

Why Social Media is Important to Businesses Today


Social media has caused a monumental paradigm shift in the way businesses communicate with customers, employees, partners, vendors and other stakeholders.  The communications infrastructure of Social Media allows for conversations 24/7, giving companies the ability to react, influence and create meaningful dialogue with customers.  Social Media, when done right can turn naysayers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into evangelists or brand influencers.

Social Network Social Media Business People Outdoors ConceptSocial Media also allows a company to be quickly responsive to industry news, market shifts, customer service and social issues demonstrating that the company is engaged and cares. Case in point: A client was at a major trade show and an attendee tweeted that they went to the client’s booth; however no one would acknowledge him.  The client immediately apologized on Twitter and invited him to come back by the booth. The prospect went back and quickly tweeted how nice the client was and what interesting technology they had. If the client was not paying attention, this person could have turned into a negative influencer. The ability for companies to dialogue and influence prospects quickly can make a significant difference in sales.

Public Relations and Social Media – Not mutually exclusive!


Lately, in the B2B world, I’ve run across folks who think that PR and social media are two distinctly different activities. While metrics and particular mechanics can be different i.e., posting a YouTube video instead of pitching a journalist, the goal is the same – get people talking favorably about your company, product or service.

I compare social media much like going to a party where you don’t know many people. You walk in, introduce yourself (remember your first Tweet?) and engage in conversation. Invariably, the conversation gets to the discussion of what you do for a living, family, sports, church, etc. As the conversation progresses, you find that you have a common interest, and the person you’re speaking to knows three other people with the same likes. And there you go.

Social media has been around for millennia (cave paintings, anyone?) we just didn’t realize it. In its simplest form, social media comes down to communicating – telling your story. When you need help publicizing your story, that’s where Jennings & Associates come in. Whether you want to be on the front cover of a top-tier industry publication or need to publicize your company’s blood drive to support a neighbor’s ailing child, we use all the tools in our publicity arsenal to create awareness, impact and loyalty.

PR and social media have become one.

Happy Marketing!

PJ Jennings, President

Jennings & Associates Communications

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