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Our PR strategies and precise messaging strategically position our clients as thought-leaders in their respective markets. Below are samples of our PR success across various market segments:


Forbes –  “FuelRod Is Taking Mobile Charging To New Heights”

Client: FuelRod

J&A discussed with Forbes contributor Brigham A. McCown, the many benefits of FuelRod’s mobile chargers and convenient airport kiosks. J&A arranged the interview with company founders and supplied images. Link to full article:

Client – FuelRod

Tech Guy Labs with Radio Show host, Leo Laporte

J&A went old school and physically mailed a FuelRod Kit to tech luminary, Leo Laporte of the Tech Guy radio show. Turns out, he’s seen the FuelRod kiosks at airports and was curious about the mobile charging service.

Leo has over half a million Twitter followers and is syndicated in over 170 cities!

Flywheels and Data Center Power

Lowering data center footprint by greening the power protection infrastructure

Client: VYCON, Inc.

J&A ghost-wrote this article to explain the benefits of clean energy flywheel storage – including lowering opex and carbon footprint.

Powergrid International – “The Unifying Force: Mobile Technology Connects Assets at the Edge” 

Client –  ABB Wireless

J&A pitched this insightful article from ABB Wireless that asks the reader: Are you ready to manage the hyper growth in your wireless field network? Link to full article:

Electric Light & Power – It’s 9 p.m. — Do you know what your network is doing?

Client: ABB Wireless

J&A pitched this revealing article from ABB Wireless about how today’s utilities need to continuously obtain, analyze and leverage vast amounts of (near) real-time data, thus making network health, and therefore network visibility, crucial to operations. Link to full article:


BBC – Future “Spinning Flywheels Boost Subways”

Client – VYCON

VYCON’s innovative kinetic energy storage systems protect mission-critical applications. This BBC article discusses how VYCON’s flywheel systems will store 2 megawatts of power giving the Los Angeles Metro rail increased reliability and energy efficiency. Link to full article:

Mission Critical – “The Case for the Big Box UPS”

Client – Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

With the rapid growth of data centers, Mitsubishi UPS explains how larger, high-efficiency UPSs can reduce footprint, improve TCO and efficiencies. J&A worked with the Mission Critical editor to publish this important topic. Link to full article:

Mission Critical – “Electrical Fault Detection and Mitigation in Transformerless UPSs”

Client – Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

In this informative contributed article, Mitsubishi discusses how on-line double-conversion transformerless UPS modules can prevent upstream events from affecting the operation of the downstream critical components. Link to full article:

Data Center Journal – “Silicon-Carbide Semiconductors Increase UPS Reliability and Efficiency” 

Client –  Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

Mitsubishi presents a compelling discussion on how challenges inside the data center can parallel the challenges in semiconductor manufacturing: maximize efficiency, reduce size, increase power quality/reliability and reduce costs. J&A worked with the Data Center Journal to publish this insightful article.

Link to full article:

LED Professional – “Concepts to Overcome Lifetime Issues of LED Drivers”

Client: SL Power Electronics

J&A pitched the LED Professional editor on the concept to overcome lifetime issues of LED drivers. The article written by SL Power was accepted and discussed how lighting technology has changed significantly in recent years and how LED luminaries offer advancement in lower power consumption and expected life. 

Link to full article:

Medical Design Briefs – New Medical Device EMC Requirements

Client: SL Power Electronics

Electromagnetic compatibility requirements (IEC 60601-1 medical safety standard) is a big deal when it comes to home healthcare devices. J&A was successful in presenting this concept to the editors of Medical Design Briefs resulting in a feature contributed article by client, SL Power Electronics.

CRN – “The Top 10 Channel Strategists of 2011”

Client: Eaton

As Eaton placed new emphasis on their reseller initiatives, J&A has focused its communications on channel publication outreach, touting Eaton’s commitment and educating editors on the company’s position in the global market. In securing a deskside briefing between Eaton’s Hervé Tardy and CRN editor, Steve Burke, J&A was able to help Eaton secure the #1 ranking in this long-established category.

Link to full article:

Distributed Energy – “Power Without Pause”

Clients – VYCON, Eaton

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are not glamorous; however, as the backbone of the electronic world, the technology is becoming more efficient, reliable and integrated. J&A is constantly touting client technology in this sector and isn’t satisfied with a sidebar or a mention. This article shows how UPS technology can be covered in a way that details its full benefits and the wide range of options. Covering two J&A clients extensively– Eaton and VYCON – the reporter crafted a comprehensive article that proves that our tenacity pays off. Link to full article:

Aerospace & Defense – “Modern Military Energy Storage Technology”

Client –  International Battery

International Battery has broken new ground as the go-to energy storage system vendor for military microgrids, vehicles and Silent Watch missions. To tout the company’s many projects and successes in this sector, J&A embarked on a full military editorial campaign to promote this U.S. based manufacturer.  J&A was able to secure interviews and articles with Military Embedded Technology, Military Technology, Tactical Defense Media and others. In this article, ghost-written by J&A, International Battery highlights the myriad of applications and the reliability and safety of its Lithium Ion technology. Link to full article:

Healthcare IT News – “Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Advances Green Initiatives with Clean Backup Power”

Client –  VYCON

VYCON’s environmentally friendly flywheel technology has a home with multiple markets. J&A has secured coverage for the company in traditional data center books, transportation and shipyard publications and healthcare magazines, among others. Working closely with VYCON’s client, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, J&A was able to craft a substantial case study, pitch the content and secure an interview between VYCON and the editor of Healthcare IT News.

Link to full article:

Data Center Journal – “Design Best Practices for Data Centers”

Client –  EDSA

EDSA is a pioneer in the field of power analytics. Being ahead of their time, the company’s sophisticated software platform requires continual editor and audience education and J&A has incorporated this type of relationship building into its PR outreach strategies. For Data Center Journal, J&A worked closely with the editors and EDSA to develop an informative article on the “Design Best Practices for Data Centers.”

Will IoT/IIoT Replace SCADA and PLC Systems?

Client – Falcon Electric

J&A pitched the managing editor of North American Oil & Gas Pipelines magazine on Falcon Electric’s perspective on IoT/IIoT’s impact on SCADA and PLC systems as well cyber-attacks. Link to full article:


Scientific American

 Client –  EcoDog, Inc
As EcoDog’s to-market strategy evolved from direct-to-consumer to the solar dealer network, J&A was ready with renewable energy press relationships to build momentum. After initially engaging Scientific American’s Solar At Home blogger, George Musser, J&A worked to coordinate interviews with EcoDog executives and customers alike. The process was slow, but our tenacious team kept the door open, eventually scoring a home-run for EcoDog in the form of a lengthy write-up that included quotes, photos and links. Link to full article:


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